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Welcome to Les & Anne's Website

This site is meant to be just for our friends and relatives to look at. If you've stumbled across it by accident then we hope you enjoy it.

If what you're  looking for is the website about the archaeological work on the Bestwall Quarries, I'm afraid their website seems to have disappeared. I'll add a link if I find it again.

It's mainly a series of picture galleries, arranged in a sort of timeline. Apart from our Australia trip in 2002 there's nothing before 2005. We started to go digital after a disaster in New Zealand when about 20 rolls of 35mm film were ruined.

I'm changing the site at the moment. There's now one section for our holidays,  one for other events and stuff, and one for pictures of the various houses and gardens that we've been to over the last few years. The garden section ranges from the grand - like Blenheim Palace, to the local domestic gardens that open for charity under the NGS scheme. Mostly they don't need captions other than the location.

Holidays Other stuff Houses & Gardens

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For those of you who haven't visited us, here are some links to sites about the area (these should open in a separate window - close it when you've finished looking to return here). I try to update these, but they change frequently.

Dorset       Rural Dorset       Jurassic Coast    Wareham

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