Florida 2007

Most friends and family know that Tracey & Rick got married while we were in Disneyworld in May 2007. That wasn't the point of the holiday though. We were fulfilling our long-standing promise to take granddaughters Kaya and Niamh to Disney. It was only some time after Tracey & Rick had had their arms twisted to come with us (a 2 to 1 ratio of adults to children is about right in our experience), that Rick decided a wedding would be a good idea. We then pointed out that we would be there on Tracey's birthday, and she could follow the family tradition started by Linda in 2005 - namely get married in the USA on your birthday. Once Tracey realised that it wasn't a credit card fraud being perpetrated she liked the idea

It's  organised into the various venues etc

We took so many pictures at MGM Studios that the live show, Beauty & The Beast, has its own page

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