Athelhampton House

This is near Puddletown, about 30 minutes drive from us. It's a large manor house, the Great Hall dates from 1485 and the west wing from 1550. It's privately owned and run. The gardens have been restored over the years that we've been visiting. Last time we were there the head gardener was in the house with his two small daughters; they showed us a concealed stairway, hidden behind the wooden panelling which is opened by a secret lever.

I've included pictures from two visits, one in August 2011 and one in October 2008, to show the gardens in different seasons. Some things in the 2008 photos aren't 'real', as the house was being used to film From Time to Time. These include the photos of Anne with topiary and statues, and there's also an interior 'stone' doorway.

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