Les's Surprise 60th Party

I was conned, duped.

We came to London, I thought, for Colin's birthday barbeque. Just a quiet do - about eight of us. When we arrived Friday evening I was told that my job was to get Colin down to the pub Saturday lunchtime, so that all the friends from his golf club could arrive in secret.

When I suggested a drink I was a bit worried, as Colin wanted to sit in their garden with a can. I was relieved when he reluctantly agreed to go to the pub. I wasn't particularly bothered when Pete was very slow finishing his drink.

Getting back to the house I thought I was doing really well, when Colin followed my lead and went straight upstairs to change. Coming back downstairs Colin said "I'm supposed to follow you and Pete into the garden - I think Joan's arranged another surprise party for me". "Oh, well," I thought, "at least we've kept him in the dark right up to the last moment!"

Of course, I walked out into the garden and thought "That's odd, why's Keith at Colin's party?" It took a couple of seconds for me to realise I'd been well and truly had. And I'd spent the last hour being smug at how well I was manipulating Colin!

A big 'Thank you' to all who came, and to those who couldn't make it but sent greetings.  Sorry we didn't think about a group photo until after a couple of people had already left. Also I've been told I should have spent far longer arranging you all, so that everyone was in full view. My excuse is that we'd all been drinking for a couple of hours, and none of you ever do what you're told anyway - it was a triumph just to get you to stand still at the end of the garden!

I suppose it's just our generation, and the way our parents were with names, but present were:

3 Ians, 2 Martins, 2 Petes, 2 Sheilas, 2 Dorothys (Dorothies?) and 2 Dereks,


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