Australia 2007


We went to Australia again in 2007. A short visit this time, mainly to be there for Anne's aunt's birthday. We added these pages as we went - it was all a bit rushed.

We flew direct to Adelaide to be there for Kerine's 85th birthday on 28th February. A few days later we took the Ghan (a railway named after the Afghan cameleers) to Alice Springs. We then did a self-drive tour to Uluru (Ayres Rock).

We flew from Ayres Rock airport to Canberra to stay with Nancy and Baz for several days, before driving down to Sydney. A couple of days in Sydney including Sunday 11th with Mike & Yvonne, and then it was back home via Malaysia, with a three-night stopover in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

As previously we've left the text and photo captions pretty much as they were originally, ie typed in each night or morning as we went along. This means it's often in note form rather than lapidary phrases.


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