USA 2017


We really liked the look of the Pacific North-West when we passed through on a train a few years ago, so we decided to come back and spend some time here.

It was quite a hectic time. We flew into Portland and after a couple of days picked up a car, drove almost 3,500 miles. Our trip took us down the Oregon coast to the state boundary with California, then across to Crater Lake. After that we went east and north to Glacier National Park then back along the Columbia River Gorge to fly home from Seattle.

We took about 2100 photos, a fraction of which are here. As usual the descriptions on these pages are mostly taken straight from the diary that we type up each night as we go along.

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Events after our visit

Not long after we got home we started getting reports of forest fires in some of the areas the we'd visited. These didn't make too much news in the UK, we got them because Anne follows some of their Facebook pages, especially the National Parks. Crater Lake, Glacier and the Columbia River Gorge were badly affected. The Parks were evacuated of staff, and most residents of the Gorge area were advised/ actively encouraged to leave.

How lucky we were. Some areas won't recover in our lifetimes.