Australia 2006

Australia and Singapore February/March 2006

 We took Anne's new laptop with us to Australia, and tried to load our pictures as we went - most hotels, motels etc seemed to advertise internet access.

This  proved a bit more difficult than we thought. Access was less frequent and more difficult than we'd hoped, and there was little or no time to edit the pictures - you just get what we've taken.

Another disaster is that we  lost various pictures from Anne's camera - we've now figured out what was wrong, but that's no consolation.

We did manage to retrieve some of Anne's photos from a memory card after we got home, but others were completely lost.

We've left the text and photo captions pretty much as they were originally, ie typed in each night or morning as we went along. This means it's often in note form rather than carefully crafted sentences.

Click on the place names to look at the pictures.

Outward journey Perth South of Perth Sydney Blue Mountains Canberra Tathra Snowy Mountains Murray River Adelaide Singapore

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